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Learn to make your own printed circuit boards with a machine you build in class.


In this course students will take an ordinary kit 3D printer and convert it to a PCB Milling Machine. This course is offered individually to allow units to send their best suited Techs to learn how to make PCBs.

Course includes all tools, parts, and equipment required to run PCB Milling Operations for an EOD Shop. All files and licenses are also included. Each student will receive an Ender 3 with some modification kits and a supply of blank PCBs. Students are expected to supply their own laptop that can run the chilipeppr software.

Day 1: Milling Machine and Software Setup. 

Assemble printer with curated modifications. Setup hardware and software and mill example IED PCB from example BRD files.

Day 2: Preventative Maintenance and Troubleshooting 

Inventory spare parts and perform preventative and corrective maintenance IAW manufacturer documentation.

Day 3: Eagle Setup and Design

Install and configure Eagle CAD. Draw simple PCBs using Eagle. Import PCB in 3D from Eagle CAD to Fusion 360.

Day 4: Milled Resistor Substitution Device

Design and mill your own resistor substitution device.

Day 5: Capstone Project- Design and Mill RCIED Based on Student Specifications .

Create your own IED electronics for use in your training. Your concept will be reviewed by the instructor


All kit and training materials will be provided and retained by the students at the end of the course. Expect to complete this challenging course with materials to go back and train your unit.

Tuition must be paid in advance of course. Tuition is for one student.



  1. 3D Printer Kit with upgrades (One for online by the seat)
  2. Online Course (One Student)
  3. Electronics Kits for Labs
  4. Student Training Notes (Online)
  5. CAD files (from the labs)
  6. Certificate of Completion


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